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What is operational lease

Another common option to drive a company vehicle is operational lease. Using this type of lease, you lease the company vehicle for a pre-determined period and return it after termination of the lease contract. The leasing company will take care of peripheral issues, such as road tax, insurances, maintenance and repair. As a result, you run little risk yourself. All you need to do is drive the company vehicle and pay the monthly amount. A possible disadvantage of operational lease is that you cannot include the company van in your company balance sheet. As a result, you will no longer benefit from the tax advantages that you have in case of purchasing or financial lease. On the other hand you don’t need to invest in a company vehicle and you will not incur unexpected costs during the lease period. This makes operational lease the most certain and predictable option in terms of financing.

Een andere gangbare optie om een bedrijfsauto te rijden, is operational lease. In deze leasevorm huur je de bedrijfswagen voor van tevoren afgesproken periode en lever je hem na afloop van het leasecontract weer in. De leasemaatschappij regelt randzaken zoals wegenbelasting, verzekeringen, onderhoud en reparaties. Je loopt daardoor zelf weinig risico. Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is de bedrijfswagen rijden en het maandbedrag betalen. Een mogelijk nadeel van operational lease is dat je de bedrijfsbus niet op kunt nemen in je bedrijfsbalans. De belastingvoordelen die je hebt bij kopen of financial lease vallen hiermee weg. Daar staat tegenover dat je niet zelf hoeft te investeren in een bedrijfsauto en tijdens de leaseperiode geen onverwachte kosten krijgt. Hierdoor is operational lease financieel gezien de meest zekere en voorspelbare optie.

View the Operational lease range

  • Can I make use of operational lease as a starter?

    We consider it important you can do business using the mobility that suits your company. That is why we offer our assistance to a much greater extent than the average financing company. We trust that you are capable of estimating your financial situation and, as such, to determine whether you are able to lease. As a result, we can nearly always help you (directly) on your way with a financial or operational lease contract.

  • How does the process go in case of operational lease?

    Was your quotation application approved?

    1. Then we would like to receive several details from you, such as a copy of your driving licence and a copy of your debit card. 
    2. Subsequently, we will draw up the invoice of the deposit and the 1st monthly payment for you. You must pay this invoice before the due date. 

     After approval on the quotation, we need some details from you, such as a copy of the driving licence of the authorised signatory and/or driver(s) and a copy of your debit card. Subsequently, we will draw up the invoice of the deposit and the 1st monthly payment for you. You must pay this invoice before the due date. As soon as the payment is visible in our account, we will pass the application to the planning department. We will contact you by telephone as soon as we have been informed of a definite delivery date. We aim to deliver your car within 48 hours.

  • How do I apply for operational lease?

    Are you interested in one of our company vehicles? 

      1. On the page of the preferred vehicle, you decide whether to choose for short lease or common lease.
      2.  Subsequently, you decide the term, mileage and possible lease term options,
      3. use our lease calculator to determine the lease amount, the final instalment and the term as desired. 
      4. Are you curious about the offer? Then fill in your details and submit the application

    You will receive a response from us within 15 minutes, and from there, we will discuss the possibilities.

  • What information should I provide for an application?

    Before submitting the application, you must fill in personal details, including at least your name, email address and telephone number. 

  • The term of my contract has expired, can I still keep driving?

    Together with you, we will decide the minimal term. Would you like to extend? That is possible! 

    Should you wish to acquire the vehicle after the term of your lease contract, that is also possible. When you are interested in purchasing the vehicle, you had best contact us. 


  • Can I purchase my lease car?

    Should you wish to acquire the vehicle, then you have the opportunity to do so. After termination of your lease term, you can opt for purchasing the car. Interested in purchasing? Then please contact us.


Apply for a quotation directly, regarding a company vehicle that you want to lease. Or would you like to know more about Operational lease? Then contact us, entire free of obligation.


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