• Do you have a showroom?

    You can view our range at our physical location Emopad 29 in Geldrop. You are most welcome from Monday to Saturday. From Monday to Friday, we are open between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm and on Saturdays from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm.

    Should you have any questions, then feel free to contact us.

  • Are you BOVAG member?

    Eurocars company vehicles is a specialist in new and used company vehicles. The used cars you find with us have typically been maintained by dealers. As a respected BOVAG member, we can arrange an ANWB/DEKRA inspection upon delivery of the used cars, so you will feel safe getting into your vehicle.

    We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee. We always give you two weeks to see whether you are satisfied with your new company vehicle. Should you not be entirely satisfied? No problem! You can exchange it for another car within this period of time. 

    In addition, we meanwhile made many customers happy with a new company vehicle. Their reviews can be read here. 

  • What is the difference between financial lease and operational lease?

    Financial lease had best be regarded as a loan. You buy a company vehicle and pay us back in instalments. That directly makes you the economic owner of the car. In case of operational lease you pay a fixed amount per month for using the car. You do not own the car, at the end of the contract you return the car to us.

  • How does a trial period work at Eurocars?

    The trial period will start as soon as you can use the purchased company vehicle. During these two weeks, you can try the van without charge. Of course, we hope that everything is to your satisfaction. Should the company vehicle turn out not to be agreeable then we will collect the company vehicle at your home and refund the full purchase amount.

  • What does your lowest price guarantee imply?

    Eurocars offers the lowest price guarantee for your new company vehicle. In our case that means that you really benefit from the lowest price. Can you find an even lower price at a different BOVAG-dealer? Then, upon purchase, not only will we pay you the difference, but you also get a full fuel tank from us, free of charge.

  • How long does an application at Eurocars take?

    We make an effort to always follow up on an application within 15 minutes.


  • What does the range of company vehicles consist of?

    At Eurocars you can find any company vehicle, from a Ford Connect to a Volkswagen Transporter and from a Mercedes Benz Sprinter to an Opel Combo, all under one roof and in stock.

    We offer a wide selection of new and used company vehicles. With more than 100 company vehicles, directly available form stock, you have a choice from all brands and types. There will always be a suitable company vehicle among them that is appropriate for you.

    The range of company vehicles is diverse, from automatic to manual transmission, small or large, many options, few options, petrol, diesel or electric. 

    Are you interested in a specific company vehicle? Then you can immediately proceed to online purchase or, you can first visit our location in Geldrop, of course. 

    With an extensive range of company vehicles, we offer the brands Citroën, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, Opel and Volkswagen. 

    View the offer

  • How quickly is a car available?

    Our range is directly available form stock. The big advantage of this is that the ordering time is many times shorter. Ordering a new company vehicle today? Then, in many cases, we can deliver it during the following days. 

Buying a company vehicle

  • Hoe werkt het kopen van een bedrijfsauto bij Eurocars How does buying a company vehicle work at Eurocars

    Purchasing a company vehicle directly basically requires little explanation: you purchase a company vehicle and subsequently, you are the owner. The main advantage of purchasing is obtaining a tax benefit. Which benefits are those?

    • During the first 5 years, you can deduct the depreciation from your profit, ensuring that you pay less taxes.
    • You can reclaim the VAT on costs for fuel, parking and maintenance.
    • The investment in your company vehicle, just as the depreciation, can be deducted from your profit.

    Of course, it is a consideration for you what best suits you. Are you still hesitating between purchasing or financing or leasing a company vehicle? You can always contact us.


Financial lease

  • What is financial lease?

    As an entrepreneur you can buy a car via financial lease, without having to pay for it all at once. You actually purchase a company vehicle by instalment in this case. You borrow the amount that you need for the purchase from the leasing company, and pay back this amount by monthly instalments. The big advantage is that you immediately become the economic owner of the car. 

    Read more about financial lease.

  • Kan ik als starter gebruik maken van financial lease?

    Also for you, as a starting entrepreneur, there are different lease options. There are different financial and operational types of lease, with special conditions, which are beneficial to you, as a starter. In addition, it is possible to finalise the lease agreement with an additional deposit. This deposit will be deducted, in its entirety, from the agreement. Ask for a for a free of obligation quotation regarding one of our lease opportunities, we will respond within 15 minutes. 


  • How does the process go in case of Financial lease?

    Eurocars has everything under one roof. Financial lease starts by finding the company vehicle that suits you. It can be found in our financial lease offer. Subsequently, you can submit a quotation application, free of obligation. Subsequently, we will take action and see to a response within the hour. Would you like to have an estimate in advance, regarding your monthly amount? Then use our calculator tool to make an estimate of the monthly amount. Has your financial lease been approved and is the vehicle to your liking? Then we will submit a purchase agreement for the selected vehicle, via email. As soon as the contract has been signed and returned, you will receive a lease agreement from us. After signing the lease agreement, the last step follows: picking up your new vehicle or, if desired, have it delivered! 

  • How do I apply for Financial lease?

    Are you interested in one of our company vehicles? 

    1. On the page of the car you desire, you can personally decide the lease term using our lease calculator. You can adjust the lease amount, the final instalment and the term as desired. 
    2. Are you curious about a proposal? Then click on the right hand side to submit a quotation application for financial lease, via the button financing. 

    You will receive a response from us within 24 hours and, from there, we will discuss the possibilities. 

  • Which information must I provide for an application?

    For an application we need to receive the following information:

    • Personal details
    • CoC-number
    • Copy of ID
  • Will my monthly payment change during my contract period?

    No, the monthly payment will remain entirely equal during the full term. Also when you pay off part of the amount prematurely, the monthly payment will remain the same. The term will in that case be reduced, as a result of which you contract will end sooner.

  • Am I the owner of the car with Financial lease?

    Financial lease makes you the economic owner of the car directly. This means that the car becomes company property and will be on the balance sheet of your enterprise. During the term of the financial lease contract, the leasing company remains the legal owner. When the car has been paid in full, you are entirely the owner of the car. Both economically and legally.

Operational lease

  • What is operational lease?

    Another common option to drive a company vehicle is operational lease. Using this type of lease, you rent the company vehicle for a pre-determined period and return it after expiry of the lease contract. The leasing company will take care of peripheral issues, such as road tax, insurances, maintenance and repair. As a result you run little risk yourself. All you need to do is drive the company vehicle and pay the monthly amount. A possible disadvantage of operational lease is that you cannot include the company van in your company balance sheet. As a result you will no longer benefit from the tax advantages that you have in case of purchasing or financial lease. On the other hand you don’t need to invest in a company vehicle and you will not incur unexpected costs during the lease period. This makes operational lease the most certain and predictable option in terms of financing.

  • Can I make use of operational lease as a starter?

    We consider it important you can do business applying the mobility that suits your company. That is why we offer our assistance to a much greater extent than the average financing company. We trust that you are capable of estimating your financial situation and, as such, to determine whether you are able to lease. As a result, we can nearly always help you (directly) on your way with a financial or operational lease contract.

  • How does the process go in case of operational lease?

    Did you receive approval on your quotation application? 

    1. Then we would like to receive several details from you, such as a copy of your driving licence and a copy of your debit card. 
    2. Subsequently, we will draw up the invoice of the deposit and the 1st monthly payment for you. You must pay this invoice before the due date. 

    After approval on the quotation, we need some details from you, such as a copy of the driving licence of the authorised signatory and/or driver(s) and a copy of your debit card. Subsequently, we will draw up the invoice of the deposit and the 1st monthly payment for you. You must pay this invoice before the due date. As soon as the payment is visible in our account, we will pass the application to the planning department. We will contact you by telephone as soon as we have been informed of a definite delivery date. We aim to deliver your car within 48 hours. 

  • How do I apply for operational lease?

    Are you interested in one of our company vehicles? 

      1. On the page of the preferred vehicle, you decide whether to choose for short lease or common lease.
      1.  Subsequently, you decide the term, mileage and possible lease term options,
      2. use our lease calculator to determine the lease amount, the final instalment and the term as desired.
      3. Are you curious about the offer? Then fill in your details and submit the application

    You will receive a response from us within 15 minutes, and from there, we will discuss the possibilities.

  • What information should I provide for an application?

    Before submitting the application, you must fill in personal details, including at least your name, email address and telephone number.

  • The term of my contract has expired, can I still keep driving?

    Together with you, we will decide the minimal term. Would you like to extend? That is possible!

    Should you wish to acquire the vehicle after the term of your lease contract, that is also possible. When you are interested in purchasing the vehicle, you had best contact us.


  • Can I purchase my lease car?

    Should you wish to acquire the vehicle, then you have the opportunity to do so. After termination of your lease term, you can opt for purchasing the car. Interested in purchasing? Then please contact us.


Delivery of the car

  • Can my car be delivered on location?

    Of course, we will bring the company vehicle to you – wherever you are residing in the Netherlands! As soon as you have signed the contract, we get your new company vehicle ready for transport. We will immediately schedule an appointment with you for the delivery. On work days, we will deliver the company vehicle to your home at the agree time. Of course you will also receive extensive information about all the functions. Are you trading-in your old car? Then we will inspect it and prepare the letter of indemnity for you.

  • What is the delivery time?

    From the moment of purchase, we aim to deliver the car within 1 to 3 work days. With possible exceptions.


  • Can I trade-in my car?

    Absolutely, you can trade-in your current car with us. Using our trade-in service, we make it possible that you exchange your old vehicle for the new vehicle. When selling your old vehicle, the agreed amount will be settled with the car you purchased. You can directly have an estimate made of the trade-in value by filling in a trade-in form online.

  • How does trading-in a car work at Eurocars?

    We understand that it is convenient to trade-in your own car and directly settle the trade-in value with the purchase price of your new vehicle. That is why we make it possible to trade-in your old vehicle when purchasing the new vehicle. Upon selling your old vehicle, the agreed amount will be settled with the car you purchased, or the amount is paid out, if desired.

    You can directly have an estimate made of the trade-in value, by filling in the form below. 

    Apply for a free of charge and non-committal trade-in proposal now.


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