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What is Financial lease

As an entrepreneur, you can purchase a vehicle by means of financial lease, without paying for it all at once. You actually purchase a company vehicle by instalment in this case. You borrow the amount that you need for the purchase from the leasing company, and pay back this amount by monthly instalments. The big advantage is that you immediately become the economic owner of the vehicle. 

The monthly amount dependent on a number of factors:

  • Deposit: A deposit is an amount that you can pay to lower the amount to be financed. A deposit is not compulsory. So, with a deposit you can reduce your monthly amount.
  • Term: The term indicates how long the financing will last. The follow applies: the longer the term, the lower the monthly amount. On the other hand, the interest charges will be higher in case of a longer term. At Eurocars you can choose from a term of 12 months, to 60 months at most.
  • Interest rate: The height of the interest that you pay over the amount financed.
  • Final instalment: The final instalment is the part of the loan that you will only pay at the end of the term. You can lower the monthly amount with a final instalment. A final instalment is not compulsory.
  • Lease amount: The total amount for the car that you wish to purchase.

View het Financial lease offer

  • How does financial lease work?

    At Eurocars, we have everything under one roof. Financial lease starts by finding the company vehicle that suits you. You can find it in our financial lease range. Subsequently, you can send a quotation application, free of obligation. We will subsequently start working for you immediately and see to a response within an hour. Would you like to have an estimate in advance, regarding your monthly amount? Then use our calculator tool to make an estimate. Has your financial lease been approved and is the vehicle to your liking? Then you will receive a purchase agreement for the selected vehicle, in your email. As soon as the contract has been signed and returned, you will receive a lease agreement from us. After signing the lease agreement, the last step follows: picking up your new vehicle or, if desired, have it delivered!

  • Why financial lease?

    Financial lease has many advantages for entrepreneurs. The main advantage of financial lease is that, in contrast to other forms of corporate lease, you will directly be the economic owner of the vehicle. Financial lease is the only type of lease that does not include this possibility. 

    Read all the listed advantages of financial lease below:

    The advantages

    • Directly becoming the owner of the vehicle
    • Benefitting from tax advantages
    • Not paying a large amount at once/staggered payment
    • Monthly amount can be adjusted according to your financial situation
    • Protection of assets for the enterprise
    • Building a cash source

Applying for a quotation directly, for a company vehicle that you want to lease. Or would you like to know more about financial lease? Then contact us, entirely free of obligation.


Companies below have made use of the online purchase arrangement.

Read the reactions about what it was like.

Recently, Autop Limburg B.V. bought several company vans from us. We are really pleased with the collaboration between Eurocars Company Vehicles and Autop Limburg B.V. and hope to continue doing business in the future. We wish the company many safe miles. 

We were given the opportunity to provide Motorcentrum Groningen with an Opel Movano, via our ‘’online’  delivery system, which included free of charge delivery of the company vehicle “to the home address”. We thank Ms Kampijon at Motorcentrum Groningen for her confidence in our company, and wish the company many safe miles with the Opel Movano.

We recently had the opportunity to deliver a Ford Transit Custom to Stucadoorsbedrijf L&L , via the online purchase arrangement. Eurocars Company vehicles thank Stucco company L&L for this pleasant cooperation and wish the company many safe miles with the Ford Transit Custom.

GGG Bestratingen (Paving) found us on the internet and recently, we delivered a Renault Traffic on location. We thank GGG Bestratingen for the confidence and wish them many great assignments with the new company van.

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