Financing a company car with BKR

Many leasing companies look at the figures when you want to lease a company car as an entrepreneur. As a result, you may not be eligible for a lease car with a BKR registration or as a starting entrepreneur, for example. At Eurocars, we believe that the numbers do not tell the whole story. That is why we look at the person behind the business. We trust that good entrepreneurs are able to determine for themselves whether they can lease. Do you have a BKR registration and do you still want to lease a company car? Then please contact us.

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  • What is a BKR registration?

    BKR is the Stichting Bureau Kredietregistratie (Credit Registration Agency Foundation). This agency registers – as the name suggests – all loans taken out by people in the Netherlands. You are entered into the BKR if you take out a loan for more than € 250, have a debt on your credit card, are in the red or buy a product in instalments. Mortgages or student debts do not lead to a negative registration. For business loans, you will receive a BKR registration from amounts above € 1000.

  • BKR registration and leasing a company car

    Once you have a BKR registration, it is difficult or even impossible with many leasing companies to lease a company car. That’s because they don’t want to run the risk that you won’t be able to pay the company car after a few months because you have other debts. But even if you have already paid off all your debts, you must show the BKR that you do not run into payment problems for another 5 years. As a result, a forgotten invoice or a few financially bad months can haunt you for years.

  • How does leasing work without a BKR check?

    At Eurocars, we look beyond that. In our opinion, you cannot judge someone based on a code that is registered somewhere. That is why we do not work with a complicated acceptance system. With us you do not have to account for a negative BKR registration due to a late payment of a telephone bill. Simply showing that you are reliable and hard-working is enough to be able to lease a company car. Of the 100 applications we receive, we accept an average of 98.

Immediately request a quote for a company car that you want to lease. Or would you like to know more about financing with a BKR registration? Please contact us without any obligation.


Companies below have made use of the online purchase arrangement.
Read the reactions about what it was like.

Recently, Autop Limburg B.V. bought several company vans from us. We are really pleased with the collaboration between Eurocars Company Vehicles and Autop Limburg B.V. and hope to continue doing business in the future. We wish the company many safe miles. 

We were given the opportunity to provide Motorcentrum Groningen with an Opel Movano, via our ‘’online’  delivery system, which included free of charge delivery of the company vehicle “to the home address”. We thank Ms Kampijon at Motorcentrum Groningen for her confidence in our company, and wish the company many safe miles with the Opel Movano.

We recently had the opportunity to deliver a Ford Transit Custom to Stucadoorsbedrijf L&L , via the online purchase arrangement. Eurocars Company vehicles thank Stucco company L&L for this pleasant cooperation and wish the company many safe miles with the Ford Transit Custom.

GGG Bestratingen (Paving) found us on the internet and recently, we delivered a Renault Traffic on location. We thank GGG Bestratingen for the confidence and wish them many great assignments with the new company van.

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