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Are you looking for a good and economic company vehicle, but you don’t feel like, or have no time, to drive across the country for the ideal copy? Then we have good news for you: at Eurocars, you can easily order your company vehicle online.

Meanwhile, Eurocars company vehicles specialises in the online selling of company vehicles, that will be delivered to you, free of charge if you choose to order a company vehicle online.

The range

We offer a wide selection of new and used company vehicles. With more than 100 company vehicles directly available form stock, you can choose from all brands and types. There will always be a suitable company vehicle among them that is appropriate for you. The range of company vehicles is diverse, from automatic to manual transmission, small or large, many options or few options, petrol, diesel or electric. Are you interested in a specific company vehicle? Then you can proceed to purchasing directly online, or you could of course first pay a visit to our location in Geldrop.

Trial period – money back guarantee

Since many of our customers choose to purchase the company vehicle online, and we only want to go for quality, we offer the opportunity to try your new company vehicle for 14 days, free of charge, in your own area. We will even deliver it to your home, free of charge. The trial period will start as soon as the purchased company vehicle is yours. During these two weeks, you can try the van without charge. Of course, we hope that everything is to your satisfaction. Should the company vehicle appear turn out not to be agreeable during those 14 days? 1 phone call and we will simply collect the company vehicle at your home, free of charge, and refund the full purchase amount. Those are some guarantees.

In addition to buying a company vehicle, Eurocars offers the opportunity to purchase a company vehicle by use of financial lease. We also offer the opportunity to trade-in your old vehicle.

View our range

This is how online ordering of a company vehicle works:

Step 1: Request a quotation

Did you find a company vehicle that suits you from our range? Then you can choose to directly buy the vehicle or you can choose to finance the vehicle. You can simply request a quotation via the corresponding form. One of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your quotation request and your financing possibilities and to answer possible questions.

Step 2: Drawing up the purchase- or lease contract

Do you feel good about the company vehicle, as well as about us? Then we can just about congratulate you with your new company vehicle. But before doing this, we will draw up the contract for financing, purchase, together with you. Do you have a company vehicle yourself, that you wish to trade-in? Indicate this at once, so we can offer you an appropriate proposal. Directly fill in the trade-in form.

Step 3: Delivering your company vehicle

As soon as you signed the purchase contract, we will start making your new company vehicle ready for transport. We will immediately schedule an appointment with you for the delivery. On work days we will deliver the company vehicle to your home, at the agreed time. Of course you will also receive extensive information about all the functions. Are you trading-in your old car? Then we will inspect it and prepare the letter of indemnity for you.

Tip: this is the moment to arrange your vehicle insurance, which we can also assist you with.

Step 4: Start of the trial period – money back guarantee

The trial period will start as soon as you can use the purchased company vehicle. During these two weeks, you can try the van without charge. Of course, we hope that everything is to your satisfaction. Should the company vehicle appear not to be agreeable, then you can simply contact us. We will collect the company vehicle at your home and refund the full purchase amount. Of course, we can also see whether a different company vehicle will indeed meet your wishes.

Do you have a company vehicle that you would like to know more about? Then contact one of our sales consultants. We will be happy to schedule a video call with you to show the company vehicle to you. Call  088 – 700 1828 or fill in the contactform.

Of course, it is a consideration for you what best suits you. Are you still hesitating between purchasing or financing or leasing a company vehicle? You can always contact us.

The advantages of purchasing a company vehicle:

Directly purchasing a company vehicle requires little explanation: you purchase a company vehicle and subsequently, you are the owner. The main advantage of purchasing is obtaining a tax benefit. Which benefits are those?

  • During the first 5 years, you can deduct the depreciation from your profit, ensuring that you pay less taxes.
  • You can reclaim the VAT on costs for fuel, parking and maintenance.
  • The investment in your company vehicle, just as the depreciation, can be deducted from your profit.

Of course, it is a consideration for you what best suits you. Are you still hesitating between purchasing or financing or leasing a company vehicle? You can always contact us.


Companies below have made use of the online purchase arrangement.
Read the reactions about what it was like.

Recently, Autop Limburg B.V. bought several company vans from us. We are really pleased with the collaboration between Eurocars Company Vehicles and Autop Limburg B.V. and hope to continue doing business in the future. We wish the company many safe miles.

We were given the opportunity to provide Motorcentrum Groningen with an Opel Movano, via our ‘’online’  delivery system, which included free of charge delivery of the company vehicle “to the home address”. We thank Ms Kampijon at Motorcentrum Groningen for her confidence in our company, and wish the company many safe miles with the Opel Movano.

We recently had the opportunity to deliver a Ford Transit Custom to Stucadoorsbedrijf L&L , via the online purchase arrangement. Eurocars Company vehicles thank Stucco company L&L for this pleasant cooperation and wish the company many safe miles with the Ford Transit Custom.

GGG Bestratingen (Paving) found us on the internet and recently, we delivered a Renault Traffic on location. We thank GGG Bestratingen for the confidence and wish them many great assignments with the new company van.

Eurocars company vehicles is the first provider in the Netherlands to have purchase, financial lease and operational lease under one roof, with everything in stock. Coming to us, you can personally choose, regarding any company vehicle, whether you wish to buy or lease it. You are not yet certain which option best suits your situation? Then our advisors will be happy to think along.

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