Prevent an increase of up to 15,000 euros due to BPM, and lease or buy NOW! We accept your financing very smoothly and don’t need your annual figures. 

As you probably already know from the media, many changes are scheduled to take place in 2025 when buying a new commercial vehicle.

Reason to take action now.

One of the most important changes is that the exemption regarding the BPM tax (motor vehicle and motor cycle tax) for businesses is being cancelled starting January 1st 2025.

This means that the price of a commercial vehicle will increase with about 13,000 euros!

And to top it all of, you are immediately prohibited to enter any environmental zones in the cities.

So, simply stated, don’t wait until 2025, but act now. The shortage on the market has already started.

So apart from the BPM… supply and demand are being disrupted, which means that the prices will only rise.

We can help you if you decide to buy or lease now. We will immediately take care of the financing for you.

We have a (very) smooth acceptance, and we don’t think annual figures are necessary.

We understand that you can’t run your business without a commercial vehicle.

We will take your personal circumstances into account, and won’t look at your figures.

If you wish to do so, we also offer the possiblity to buy online. We offer a 14 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the vehicle.

We will deliver the commercial vehicle at your desired location, free of charge.

This will prevent you from having to use too much of your precious time to visit our location.

Of course you are still welcome to visit our location if you prefer to do so.


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