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Many leasing companies focus on the figures, when you, as an entrepreneur, want to lease a company vehicle. As such, you won’t qualify for a lease car as a starting entrepreneur. At Eurocars we believe that figures by no means tell the whole story. That is why we look at the person behind the company. We trust that good businessmen are able to determine themselves whether they are capable of leasing. Do you have a BKR-registration (Central Credit Registration Office) and still wish to lease a company vehicle? Then contact us via the contact option below.

Leasing a company vehicle for starting self-employed and SME staff

Even if you are just starting as an entrepreneur, you will need a proper company vehicle. However, you often need to produce annual figures of at least one year. At Eurocars we do not require this. As mentioned, we look at the people behind the figures.

Financing a company vehicle

As an entrepreneur you can buy a car via financial lease, without having to pay for it all at once. You actually purchase a company vehicle by instalment in this case. You borrow the amount that you need for the purchase from the leasing company, and pay back this amount by monthly instalments. The big advantage is that you immediately become the economic owner of the vehicle. Financial lease has the same pros and cons as purchasing a company vehicle: you benefit from tax advantage, but you yourself will bear the risks of additional costs. The additional advantages of financial lease are that you don’t need to pay a large amount of money all at once. This way, you can purchase a company vehicle without using a lot of your own money.

More than 10 years of experience with company vehicle lease

Eurocars approaches the purchase of lease cars entirely differently from other leasing companies. We purchase new company vehicles by the dozens. We guarantee that you can lease from us at the lowest price in the Netherlands. In addition, this purchase policy helps us to mitigate the risk for entrepreneurs who unexpectedly can no longer afford their lease vehicle. We have meanwhile used this approach successfully, for more than 10 years.

View our Financial lease supply  

Directly apply for a quotation for a company vehicle that you want to finance or buy. Or would you like to receive some more information? Then contact us, entirely free of obligation.


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